Colegio del Sagrado

Corazon de Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus High School   Cartago, Costa Rica


Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus de Cartago (Sacred Heart of Jesus High School of Cartago) is a Catholic middle school and high school in Cartago, Costa Rica. The school is run by the Bethlehemite Sisters and serves poor students outside the capital city of San Jose.

The sisters and the school are devoted to providing a faith-based education and a faith-filled environment. Students and faculty are invited to participate in daily morning prayer as well as numerous other programs, such as “Encounters with Christ,” “Via Crucis”  and group rosaries. In keeping with this mission, the school requires each student to perform at least 30 hours of community service in order to graduate.  Also, recognizing the needs of extended family members of it students, the school often provides food and clothing for siblings of  students. The Sisters also provide monthly meetings for parents in order to encourage family involvement in the school.

The  school has 23 classrooms, a chapel, a gym and fields, a bookstore and cafeteria, science labs, an infirmary and more. In addition, in memory of Brian, the school is home to the Brian Avery Language Lab.

We can attest that the school is a wonderful place! Despite owing untold amounts in loans, the Sisters maintain a beautiful, positive attitude. The school is immaculate. The students are in perfect uniform and wear huge smiles. The atmosphere is undeniably joyful.

Thomas Cowan(age 22) delivered the $16,500.00 from 2009’s 3 on 3 basketball tournament to the nuns’ convent in Costa Rica!  He wrote: 

Meeting the Nuns was a great experience!  They were so happy and appreciative to receive the help.  They told me the past donations had done so much good, but the schools are in a lot of debt so this money will be extremely helpful. They explained to me the importance of learning computer and language skills.  They will be praying for everyone who donated money, and everyone who participated in the basketball tournament.  I don’t think they really understood the concept of a basketball tournament, but they kept telling me they would be praying for the team (el equipo). Tell the equipo they have a lot of prayers being said for them.